Tileex | FAQs
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Here are a few FAQ’s that may help you with your project.

How much waste will I need to add to my measurements?

The amount of waste will differ depending upon the size and configuration of the area in question. While we recommend strongly that the person who is installing should provide this figure, if you are installing the tile yourself this may create a slight problem if you are uncertain. Waste in a tiled area will most commonly fall between 5%-15% depending on a variety of factors. For the “do-it-yourselfer”, we would recommend 10% when laying the tile straight and 15% if placing the tile on a 45 degree angle.

Can I use wall tiles on the floor?

Most “wall” tiles are fired in the kiln at a lower temperature than “floor” tiles. This is done to create a nicer, more aesthetically pleasing finish while compromising on the strength of the tile. Essentially, this means that there is a much higher risk of damaging the tile on your floor if it is a “wall” tile, even under relatively “low” traffic.

If the tiles are going on top of plywood, what type of cement do I need to use?

It is strongly recommended that a higher grade of “multi-purpose” cement is used if no wire mesh or scratch has been placed on top of the plywood. The higher the grade of “multi-purpose” which is used, the more adhesive strength that cement will have. It is also important to note that if tile is being installed in this fashion, the sub-floor must be well screwed (not nailed!) down. If there is movement in this sub-floor, cracked tiles will appear above. We Suggest a 6mm Hardy backer board which we use to guarantee all of our work.

Who Supplies the tiles?

We are happy to undertake Labour Only projects, or if you prefer we are able to offer a Supply & Fix service offering clients excellent savings on supply and installation costs. We are also able to source tiles from a wide network of suppliers, meaning we can re specify products to sit within budget but still achieve the look you or your designers may be hoping to achieve.